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Keren Or, Hebrew for Ray of Light, was founded in 1975 by a group of parents concerned with meeting the unique needs of their multi-disabled blind children. A recognized pioneer in the field of visual impairment and multiple-disability therapies, Keren Or remains committed to providing the best care for its students.

In 1991, our Ramot facility was completed, enabling Keren Or to introduce a variety of cutting edge therapies and expand enrollment. Hydrotherapy, a key component of  programing at Keren Or, has proven to be one of our most effective offerings and, to accommodate growing needs, we opened a new Hydrotherapy Center in 2009. Today, our hydrotherapy offerings include multiple pools, ceiling lifts, and individual hydrotherapy cubicles, as well as shallow treatment areas for small children.

In May 2010, Board Chairman Dr. Edward L. Steinberg, a practicing Optometrist, initiated a partnership between Keren Or and the world-renowned Perkins School for the Blind in Massachusetts (best known for its most famous graduate, Helen Keller). Together, Keren Or and Perkins  created “Building Connections,” a first-of-its-kind conference held in Israel, to educate over 300 people about the impact of vision loss combined with other disabilities. .. Perkins and, Keren Or are now working to develop a variety of programs designed to share knowledge with other organizations, professionals, and parent groups.