Thank you to those of you who were able to join us at our Sukkot party this year. We had a blast welcoming our US-based friends to our Israel center.
Upon our arrival, Director Shira Reifman and many staff members showed us what Keren Or does for each and every one of the students.They have an individual program for every student so that they can each reach their full potential. We concluded the inspiring visit to Keren Or with a fun shabbat party which included live music, delicious treats, and most important of all singing and dancing with the students and staff. Everyone left understanding what a truly special place Keren Or is. We all look forward to coming back again!
-Nicole Appelman
It is always a true inspiration to go back to the Keren Or Center in Israel. Returning many years after I volunteered, and after my daughter spent time as a volunteer, it reminds me of exactly how important the work the organization does really is. I’m grateful to have Keren Or’s presence in my family, so that I can keep learning from these incredible children and their families. I’m so proud of supporting them for all these years, and look forward to continuing to see the center, students and families continue to grow.
-Kari Levine
If you are planning on visiting Israel in the next year, make sure to keep Keren Or in mind as you plan your itinerary! We will be hosting more events, and are always happy to organize individual visits to the center.
Additional Ways to Stay Involved
  1. Visit the Keren Or Center in Jerusalem.
  2. Participate in upcoming Women’s Division Events, including The Metropolitan Museum of Art and West Side Story.
  3. Attend our wellness event series.
  4. Give generously to help the children of Keren Or.