Noam’s Story

Like many students at Keren Or, 11-year-old Noam, was born blind. Diagnosed with autism and serious developmental delay, he arrived at Keren Or suffering from a multitude of symptoms.  Noam had extremely limited engagement with his environment, would not walk unassisted, and was unable to communicate verbally. His team of specialists created a comprehensive therapeutic, educational, and social program was developed to support Noam’s growth in these crucial areas and maximize his progress.

Today, Noam is making great strides. He has learned to walk on his own and this new independence has yielded a yearning to develop more skills. The shift in Noam’s attitude toward trying new things is one of the greatest gifts Keren Or has given him! Because of his perseverance in sign language classes and speech therapy, Noam’s vocabulary has expanded and his ability to communicate has grown.

Keren Or is dedicated to helping children like Noam. He is just one of the many children Keren Or has cared for over the years. Our state-of-the-art facilities, professional staff, and cutting-edge therapies allow us to tailor programs to the specific needs of each of our students and allow them to reach their maximum potential. At Keren Or, the intense physical and psychic challenges that result from blindness coupled with mental and/or often physical disability are treated with a continuum of care that is personalized to each child.

Noam’s progress is just one of the many moving stories that bare the heart and mission of Keren Or to uplift its students and shed light on new possibilities for their future.