Meet Natan Eliyah

He is eight years old and suffers from CVI, a visual impairment that affects the brain’s ability to understand and interpret the information the eyes send to the brain. Natan came to Keren Or six months ago, and in no time became known and loved by our professional team and volunteers. His joyful spirit and infectious smile naturally engage every person who comes into contact with him.

Natan mostly moves around in his wheelchair, but with the help of his caregiver, he uses the Hart Walker, a special walking device which helps him go down the hall to the outdoor music patio. Music is his passion, and he lights up when he hears the strong sounds of percussion and cymbals! After an intensive course of hydrotherapy, Natan has recently begun taking a few steps with the support of the therapists. He adores his sessions in the pool.

In the classroom, Natan enjoys playing specially adapted interactive games with classmates. And, with the dedicated intervention of our expert team, Natan is gradually learning to maximize the minimal vision that he has. He is learning to recognize people and communicate his needs and preferences.

Natan makes the most of every opportunity, turning therapy and learning time into fun experiences. The most important outcome of all his new skills is a new level of independence, and that brings Natan incredible joy.