Keren Or Jerusalem Center for Blind Children with Multiple Disabilities is 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to the education and care of children in Israel who are visually impaired and also cognitively, developmentally, and/or physically disabled. Our mission is to provide our students with comprehensive care, stimulating educational exercises, and rehabilitative therapies designed to help them reach their full potential and lead lives that are meaningful and productive.

Keren Or is the only therapy center of its kind in the world, under Jewish auspices, devoted exclusively to the visually impaired population. The Keren Or approach works with a lot of love, patience, and professionalism on the part of our dedicated team, persistent students, and supportive families. We focus optimistically on what each student might be able to achieve, if given the opportunity and the support. Students of our nonresidential center utilize different therapy and educational services during the day and are able to go home and spend time with their families at night.  Our facilities, dedicated staff, and individualized therapy programs allow each of our students to reach his or her maximum potential. To meet the individual needs of our students, who range in the severity of their disabilities, our staff of therapists and caregivers work together to create a comprehensive customized care plan for each child. Each day, we witness little miracles when a child learns to walk, or when a child discovers how to communicate, or when a child finds joy in music and play.

At Keren Or, we want all children to have the ability to simply be a child and as such, we provide top quality care and support for these children regardless of a family’s ability to pay. Keren Or’s New York office supports the Center in Jerusalem by communicating with and engaging donors, as well as providing opportunities for the community to get involved. With the help of our generous donors and funds from state and local municipalities, we aim to limit the financial burden on families so their children are able to benefit from the services provided by Keren Or.

We are fortunate to have a very involved board at Keren Or who both advocate for, and provide oversight of our work. The Women’s Division is an active part of outreach and fundraising efforts efforts for Keren Or, These dedicated women host a variety of social and cultural activities to connect potential and current supporters with our mission.  B’nei Mitzvah-aged children, high school students, college students, young professionals, and adults of all ages can become involved with and support the Keren Or mission in New York City as well as on the ground in Israel.