Keren Or is appreciative of the support that we receive to help assist us in our mission of  providing consistent and uncompromised care for the most vulnerable children in our community. There are many ways to become involved in this important cause and support our efforts.

Most notably, the financial generosity of our donors has an immense impact center’s performance and can be contributed to our work in many ways such as One-time-donations, Legacy Giving, and organized Fundraising Events. However, financial contributions are not the only ways that you and your family can show your support for the children of our center.

Always thinking of new ways to incorporate dedicated supporters, Keren Or attempts to combine philanthropy and fellowship. We encourage engagement in local initiatives such as our Women’s Division, Youth LeadershipVolunteering Opportunities.

For those able, we suggest taking part in our overseas program to visit our center in Israel to truly experience the extent and magnitude of our work. Adults and students (university and high school groups), are supervised and trained by Keren Or Staff and  can volunteer abroad anywhere from two to -ten months.

We hope you will find some way to become part of the Keren Or family!