Mitzvah projects

Put the Mitzvah Back into Bar and Bat Mitzvah

As a B’nei iMitzvah, you assume the responsibilities of a Jewish adult. Use this opportunity to share what it means to live with multiple disabilities while also helping to support the students at Keren Or’s Center in Jerusalem. The blind or very low-vision students at Keren Or suffer from serious disabilities which make every developmental milestone—from sitting to self-feeding—major challenges in their lives. As a B’nei Mitzvah, you can raise money to support Keren Or’s programs for these students and help people understand the difficulties that they face.

Some of the activities that you may enjoy, such as playing video games, bicycle-riding, and going to the movies,are all challenging tasks for the students at Keren Or. You can help others remember to appreciate these experiences and consider the courage of Keren Or’s students who face these challenges every day.


Incorporate the Children of Keren Or into Your B’nei Mitzvah Celebration

  • Include an insert about Keren Or in your invitation
  • Invite guests to donate to Keren Or in honor of your B’nei Mitzvah
  • Speak about Keren Or in your B’nei Mitzvah presentation
  • Set up a personal fundraising website

By including Keren Or in your B’nei Mitzvah, you can learn about the lives of young people with disabilities, and experience the fulfillment of giving tzedakah to benefit your peers in Israel.


Bar/Bat Mitzvah

One student who visited Keren Or with her family was so moved by the incredible work of the therapists and the bright smiles of the students at Keren Or that she decided to raise money for Keren Or for her Mitzvah Project. She planned a swim-a-thon for a group of friends and they gathered monetary pledges for every lap they swam. When they finished and emerged from the water, nearly $1,500 had been raised! Her creativity, coupled with the support of her family and friends, allowed her to spread awareness of the challenges facing children with multiple disabilities while raising money to support Keren Or’s work in caring for them.

You too can have an impact on Keren Or through your B’nei Mitzvah! Please call 212-279-4070, or e-mail, for our special Keren Or B’nei Mitzvah Kit to get started.