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Jerusalem Center for Blind Children with Multiple Disabilities

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At Keren Or, goals are set and individual treatment plans are developed for each child by a collaborative team of professionals including the school principal, psychologist, social worker, health professionals, classroom teachers, and students’ families. Educational and therapeutic programming is tailored to take into account the effect of blindness on other disabilities and to address the impact of each students' disabilities. Goals include improving motor skills, developing speech or alternative forms of communication in a respectful, enabling environment. Treatment plans are continually re-evaluated, enabling staff to develop the most effective therapeutic program for each child. Keren Or's skilled multidisciplinary staff, high staff-to-student ratio and excellent staff retention rate are key to successful outcomes.

Our holistic approach to care involves a broad range of special education techniques, innovative assistive equipment, and multiple therapeutic programs. Over the years, Keren Or has developed a variety of teaching methods and rehabilitative techniques geared to assist a wide range of students. Our therapeutic program includes, hydrotherapy, physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, music therapy, computer therapy, pet therapy, therapeutic gardening, and feeding programs.

Cooperation with family is fundamental to our work. Parents are full partners in structuring educational and therapeutic programs for their children with an eye to ensuring that treatment positively impacts home life. Keren Or offers family-inclusive support services and workshops that complement the program.

Keren Or benefits from an excellent relationship with the local community. Shabbat services at the Center’s synagogue are coordinated by neighborhood residents.