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Jerusalem Center for Blind Children with Multiple Disabilities

2015 Community Service Award

Steven Tobin, Jeannette Cameron Nadel z’l and Herbert Tobin
The Los Angeles Group for the Blind of Israel was founded in 1957. Once a year, as she had for the past 
57 years, Jeannette Nadel z’l (the Founder, President, & CEO) organized a fundraiser to benefit blind children
in Israel and the United States. The annual brunch is a delightful affair that brings together Jeannette’s
relatives and friends, going back three generations. The Group has dedicated itself to carrying on the 
traditions and philanthropic goals of its members’ parents and grandparents. Marcia Fink (Treasurer)   
and Janice Berger (Secretary) assist with ensuring the tradition continues. In addition to Keren Or, the Group supports other organizations for the blind in the U.S. and Israel. This exemplary group represents the paradigm of commitment to the betterment of all people.
Jeanette's sons, Steven and Herbert Tobin, attended Keren Or's May 6 luncheon at the Park Avenue Synagogue in New York City and accepted Keren Or's Community Service Award on her behalf. Steven and Herbert presented Jeanette with the award in Los Angeles at the 50th annual luncheon of The Los Angeles Group for the Blind of Israel.